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We provide top of the line detail services! Here at Prestige we have all the resources needed to complete an extensive detail to your vehicle including services such as Shampooing, Waxing, Buffing, and much more!! 

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Lots of times we WISH for rain thinking it will solve all of our problems...admit it! 
You have thought "well its
gonna rain, so what's the point in 

washing my car if the rain

can take care of it."

Well we are here to let you in on the

 truth about the rain and the effects 

in can have on you car.

Did you know that the most

IMPORTANT time to wash your car is

 after the rain?. Why?

Have you heard of ACID RAIN?

Yep ACID RAIN you read it right.

 Acid Rain happens when rain falls.

 As the rain falls it collects
 contaminants and pollutants from the air. And where do you think all of that ends up! 

Those little water spots contain contaminants that will DAMAGE the finish!

If you live in Tampa Bay you know our summers are full of love bugs, rain storms and pollen!!
Here at Prestige we are ready for all your vehicular needs.

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$18.99 Oil Changes


Includes FREE Exterior Wash!

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